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concentrating solar collector LUCETH thermal power

concentrating solar thermal collector LUCETH

LUCETH is designed to meet the energy requirements of the industrial sector. When combined with other industrial equipment it provides process steam, refrigeration, solar cooling as well as heat for water treatment.

LUCETH produces thermal energy with temperature up to 250°C. Through its intelligent management and control system and a proper thermal energy storage, LUCETH can balance the energy demand throughout the day.

LUCETH has a modular simple and light weight design that makes it compatible with floor or roof installation. With its different product configurations (TH84; TH106; TH126), LUCETH offers a wide range of customized solutions.

To a 1,000 m2 solar surface, correspond up to 70,000 m3 of gas and 55,000 l of diesel fuel savings.

To a 1,000 m2 solar surface, correspond up to 500 kWfr for solar cooling and 100% of electric power savings.

csp-f collettore solare termico Fresnel

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concentrating solar power collector LUCEFP

LUCEFP is a low cost/high performing Fresnel solar collector for use in utility scale solar thermal power plants and/or for solar system augmentation at existing and conventional power plants.

LUCEFP is a modular low cost solution even for small and decentralized electrical production due to its modularity, efficient land use and flexible use of high temperature fluids.

LUCEFP can work with water to generate high temperature and pressure steam, with molten salt in combination with storage system to enhance dispatchability, and with no toxic oil at lower temperature to power ORC turbines.

 solar collector LUCEFP power generation

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