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Csp-f SolarThe Company

CSP-F is an Italian Company belonging to Fabbrica Energie Rinnovabili Alternative Group, operating since 2001 in the construction of plants for the production and sale of renewable energy.

The mission of CSP-F is offering efficient, cost-contained and sustainable solutions and products for the production of solar energy.

CSP-F is a leading technology provider of turnkey solar fields based on Fresnel collector technology (LUCETH and LUCEFP). CSP-F offers energy systems and solutions for standalone solar thermal plants, power integration of conventional power plants and industrial steam processes.

CSP-F provides reliable, proprietary and proven low cost CSP solutions to meet customer energy requirements.

The Company is the evolution of a successful project started in 2008 by Fabbrica Energie Rinnovabili Alternative: a new design solar technology for cost-contained and eco-friendly solutions to meet the needs of the industrial energetic supply.

LUCETH and LUCEFP produce thermal energy for heating/cooling use and electric power through the concentration of solar irradiation reflected by Fresnel flat mirrors. Thanks to their accurate engineering, CSP-F solar systems are innovative, efficient and reliable systems and solutions aimed at reducing energy costs and optimizing processes sustainability by using clean energy from a renewable source.

The Company’s value proposition

For sustainable power generation and green energy requirements, CSP-F offers a cost effective, high quality and performing solution, providing customised design and maintenance service.

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Our team consists of ten-year experience experts in the field of renewable energies.