Ribbon-cutting for the first Italian CSP Fresnel plant in the agrobusiness

Csp-f SolarPlants and NewsRibbon-cutting for the first Italian CSP Fresnel plant in the agrobusiness
20 May 2015


On 28th May, 2015, ribbon-cutting ceremony for the CSP Fresnel plant designed and installed by CSP-F Spa in San Nicolò D’Arcidano (Oristano, Sardinia, Italy). Nuova Sarda Industria Casearia is the first Italian dairy that chooses the solar thermal application to reduce the need of oil gas and for an environmental friendly production.

San Nicolò D’Arcidano, Oristano. Next 28th May, at 11.15, Nuova Sarda Industria Casearia, the dairy that chose the sun and CSP-F’s innovative technology to produce its cheese in line with the ancient tradition of Sardinian shepherds, will host the opening event for the concentrating solar plant producing industrial process heat. From breeding to the end product, a quality production chain that privileges sustainability and the use of energy from renewable sources.

Rosetta Fanari, the Owner of Nuova Sarda Industria Casearia, will greet together with the Mayor of San Nicolò D’Arcidano, Emanuele Cera. The Councillors of Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (Sardinia Autonomous Region) Elisabetta Falchi (Agricolture and Farming Reform) and Maria Grazia Piras (Industry) will be present. Also participating Cesare Fera, as the Vice President of ANEST (the Italian National Association of CSP operators) and Vincenzo Tiana, President of Legambiente Sardegna.

The plant uses the concentrating solar thermal collectors designed by CSP-F spa, the Company that develops solar systems and solutions for the production of industrial process heat, solar cooling and electric power. The CSP-F collectors are based on the reflection of solar irradiation through Fresnel flat mirrors. The solar beams are directed to a receiving pipe capable of heating up the water flowing inside. The water transforms into high temperature and pressure steam. The steam integrates the supply of heat and reduce the need of oil gas. Savings in energetic costs, less pollution, reduced environmental impact: the best energetic strategy for a high quality and sustainable industrial production.

Yearly, with the CSP plant’s production of steam, Rosetta Fanari’s dairy will save more than 50,000 litres of oil gas and prevent the release of 180 tons of CO2.

Download here the Programme of the event

To participate to the event or for further information, please contact: Lia Maranto. Tel. (+39) 02 62690471; e-mail: info@cspfsolar.it