Solar cooling in Gorla Maggiore with Fresnel mirrors

Csp-f SolarNews PlantsSolar cooling in Gorla Maggiore with Fresnel mirrors
7 November 2014

Solar cooling a Gorla Maggiore copy

Launched in May 2014, is the first Italian solar cooling using Fresnel technology

An adult day care center located in Gorla Maggiore (Varese, Italy) is the first building in Italy cooled by a Fresnel concentrating solar thermal technology. Starting from this year, the Centro Diurno Integrato (Integrated Day Care Center) refreshes its rooms with the cooling energy produced by the transformation of solar energy, thanks to LUCETH, the solar thermal collector using Fresnel mirrors and designed by CSP-F.

The solar cooling plant was realised with a subsidy of Regione Lombardia and uses a technology that is new, in Italy, for this application: a concentrating solar field coupled with an absorption machine for cooling.


See the timelapse of construction works