LUCETH and LUCEFP at Solarexpo 2015

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3 April 2015

Solarexpo 2015, Stand E06. CSP-F introduces LUCETH and LUCEFP, the concentrating solar collectors based on Fresnel technology and using flat mirrors arranged in a matrix. The matrix of mirrors concentrates solar irradiation onto a receiver tube capable to heat up fluids and/or boil water, producing high-temperature heat. Generated steam is used for power generation or industrial processes.

The solar fields using CSP-F collectors are modular and scalable systems. Equipment and components are based on common materials, can be easily manufactured on site and installed with minimal effort.

LUCETH and LUCEFP key technology features

  •  Low cost components
  •  Light and unbreakable mirrors
  •  Flexibility to any high-temperature fluid (steam, molten salt, oil)
  •  Easy-to-assembly and rapid components production
  •  Localised procurement and manufacturing of almost the whole solar field materials (flat mirrors, steel, metal sheet, etc,)
  •  Efficient land use

CSP-F technology has been extensively proven in several applications ranging from process heat production, biomass-solar hybrid-system to standalone power plants.



LUCETH is designed to meet the energy requirements of the industrial sector. When combined with other industrial equipment, it provides process steam, refrigeration, solar cooling as well as heat for water treatment. LUCETH produces thermal energy with temperature up 250°C. Through its intelligent management and control system and a proper thermal energy storage, LUCETH can balance the energy demand throughout the day. LUCETH has a simple and light weight design that makes it compatible with floor or roof installation. With its different product configurations (TH84, TH106 e TH126), LUCETH offers a wide range of customized solutions.


LUCEFP is a low cost/high performing Fresnel solar collector for use in utility scale solar thermal power plants and/r for solar system augmentation at existing and conventional power plants. LUCEFP is a low cost solution even for small and decentralized electrical production due to its modularity efficient land use and flexible use of high temperature fluids. LUCEFP can work with water to generate high temperature and pressure steam, with molten salt in combination with storage systems to enhance dispatchability, and with no toxic oil at lower temperature to power ORC turbines.

Just a year from its construction, CSP-F already has the track record of a leader. He inherited the know-how of the solar division of FERA and implemented the marketing in Italy of innovative and tailor-made solutions  and products. First Italian provider to have installed a solar cooling based on Fresnel technology on a roof, and the first to have received incentives from the GSE (the state-owned company which promotes and supports renewable energy sources in Italy), CSP-F is collecting new records, with thermal application in the food industry and with the generation of electric energy.

On the morning of Thursday, April 9th, CSP-F will illustrate to the press the recent application of LUCETH in the industrial sector. The press meeting is hosted within the round table that ENEA and ANEST will dedicate to the interaction between research and industry for the development of CSP in Italy.

Download here the program of the 9th April round table.

Solarexpo 2015


April 8th-10th, 2015

ANEST’s Collective exhibition, stand E06


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