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3 April 2015

LUCETH and LUCEFP at Solarexpo 2015

Solarexpo 2015, Stand E06. CSP-F introduces LUCETH and LUCEFP, the concentrating solar collectors based on Fresnel technology and using flat mirrors arranged in a matrix. The matrix of mirrors concentrates solar irradiation onto a receiver tube capable to heat up fluids and/or boil water, producing high-temperature heat. Generated steam is used for power generation or industrial

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7 November 2014

Solar cooling in Gorla Maggiore with Fresnel mirrors

An adult day care center located in Gorla Maggiore (Varese, Italy) is the first building in Italy cooled by a Fresnel concentrating solar thermal technology. Starting from this year, the “Centro Diurno Integrato” (Integrated Day Care Center) refreshes its rooms with the cooling energy by the transformation

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21 October 2014

Non-stop electric power with LUCEFP

Zasoli, the CSP-biomass CHP plant, with its 200 kWel produces 100% renewable electric power, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. It’s the best answer to the need of continuous dispatchability, ideal for all those regions that are sufficiently exposed to sun and morphologically comparable to Italian territories.

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